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This  is the most comprehensive publication about classical music  for  everyone interested in knowing and learning this art.


Learn historical development of all genres of classical music from origin, during the Vedic period to modern day and the basics of classical music, Swara, Scales, Raaga, Time & Rhythm, Taala, Compositions and Structure of Concerts. List of Hindustani and Pakistani raagas with their characteristics. Classical Glossary or Urdu Dictionary. Discover everything you wanted to know about your favorite artists , gharanas with profiles, articles, reviews and images. Details about great Pakistani and Hindustani composers their profiles, articles on them and their most important compositions. Read about the instruments used in Pakistani and Hindustani classical music and their most famous exponents.

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"We live in times where the true vision of art and the spiritual quality of life are nearly missing. The younger generations are growing up on breakfast cereals and rap music. It is time to restore truth, art and beauty, and to give to our children the cultural nourishment they desperately need. We invite you to take the time to visit this web site to learn more about the great music of our world…...".
                                                                                                                                   NASTAC Research & Development Division

                                                                                    15 November 2003